Being mad about it

If aI was crazy, aI would do
all kind of sketches, showing you,
and ordering my crazy mind,
in hope aI would solution find.

And aI would use all kinds of tools,
as pencil, pen, and ink, for schools
so to appear, for it to find
which showed itself to be the kind.

And since aI do, aI must be mad,
and that, aI think, just makes me glad.
If aI was not, aI would not do.
So you should just be happy, too.

Thinking of tomorrow

When aI think of tomorrow, aI think of to be.
Not be damned, though a being by which one is free
as what is always passes, as wind in the air,
and enough is a matter of just being fair.

We have come to conclusion, and by that the earth
once again is a joy and a matter of worth.
And when seeing each other, we will carry on
as the wind carries on from what which once was done.