Ai have taken down Trixnix

Ai have taken down Trixnix from internet. For twenty two years aI have not heard a word of encouragement, and aI fear a lot of my creations by Satan have been sought stolen from me. People have shown themselves to be incompetent, fighting Satan, because of the number of devils, and because of the power of the organization, and because of distrust in God. Ai am not counting what will be the diplomacy, that is the hypnotized ones, and the broken ones, by God.

Google will no longer present Trixnix. Ai still love the services of Google. The work of the engineers creating the services is impressive, and the love shown is amazing.

My idea is that internet will come to be earthly bound, by wires, and culturally counted for. By being so, it is impossible to get control of the internet by affording the satellites running it. And to visit sites of other cultures will be safer, and more fun.

Some internet services of today rely on the somewhat fragmented sight, and will disappear. Other services will continue to be world wide presented, by affording services to the cultural presentations.

As of Trixnix, some sites will be put up again, presumably by the services of a domain holder, created anew. First of all aI think of the children’s pages and the site presenting Trondheim, and also Fantasifix, and the damesnames sites, in Norwegian and in English, and the World Wide Wit Want site with limericks. When that can be done, aI still do not know.

Trixnix will now vanish from internet

Ai am about to delete my Google account. That means Trixnix, and Magnimix, and Prixnix, and any blog with poetry, will vanish from internet.

Ai have not heard a word of acknowledgement since aI began posting poetry on internet, and aI have not received encouragement, or acknowledgement, since aI began making Trixnix in September 2015. People have chosen to rely on Satan.

Ai believe a lot of my creations are sought stolen from me. Any reproduction of Trixnix, and of individual sites on Trixnix, as such, or by content, is illegal property, and aI will legally pursue any criminal act in that respect.

Music broadcast

You know, youth, my generation, and any generation before that, was thinking of songs as given, Once made, it would be unthinkable, changing the lyrics. Obviously, that has changed. The music, though, is the same, as if composing is eternal.

One can discuss that. My view, is that “Hey, Jude” by McCartney and Lennon is eternal, by both the music and by the lyrics. Opinions and perspectives may change, though, and cultures want to present themselves, and make impressions. If this thing, making temporal appearances in radio, should continue, there are two considerations to make. One is the force. If there are American influence in Norwegian radio, there should be Russian. And Chinese. And French. And Korean. And Congolese. Ai mean, what the heck. And Brazilian. Another thing, is that one gets set out if there is a power, by those voices, not to choose. One should be confident, there is not a nation trying to fix it.

For me, it is impossible to play an artist on Spotify, right now, without the American taking control, exchanging the music with “messages” from that organization, you know. And that is idiocy. It makes me focusing.

To youth

What youth must comprehend, is that this devilish organization, whatever it is called in its many ways, has been my enemy from the start. It has hindered me, stolen from me, and tortured me for 22 years. It must be abandoned.

Ai was hospitalized

Ai have been hospitalized, for a couple of days, involuntarily, as insane, and what aI then witnessed was terrible. The rules and the building of the hospital was that of a torture chamber, and aI met women about to be cracked, and aI met women and men broken, and also hypnotized. In Norway! Ai met, though, also, men and women of high class, not subjected to mind control, and aI saw the Lord. On Facebook aI have posted some photographs showing details of the building.

Ai am talking of the most evil organized gangster rule in history. It is a shame this is taking place. As all know, one cannot be relatively by the Lord, that is, by God. One can, differently, be relatively evil, and what is taking place is so that there has been no equivalence in human history.

My immediate gratefulness to the Lord for the experience is what aI saw and took part in with other broken and hypnotized ones. It will take some time for me to digest, so to speak, what was given me.

Ai was subjected to what seemed to be a vain attempt of April the 1st joke, in the eyes of the devil, when aI was released, yesterday. Since then aI have had headache, and aI have slept a lot, not being able to do much. Ai continually reflect on the evilness and hatred aI am subjected to, though. And any being should know, of any profession, and by any means, that taking me in possession means going to Hell. Ai know what aI am, and there is absolutely no limits to the hostility aI feel against Satan, and there is absolutely no chance aI in any way will stand up for Satan, or be anything to Satan other than the one giving Satan the bill.

That chip thing again

Ai have experimented a bit, the latter days. A bit joyfully so, since aI got it, God given. Satan is really insane, and insane evil is a bit terrible to cope with. And by now aI believe my body is perforated with chips. Ai don’t think they are big.

The thing is, that when an energy is made to pass through the chip, it gets confused, so to speak. It is made to receive energy. So, if a source is put on one side, and a reception is put on the other, that chip will freeze, and blow up if the energy is persistent, or strong enough. Magnets will do. Chips in the teeth, aI believe, are hard to get. Ai believe the tooth isolates it. If walking on a railroad track, though, or a tram track, with wires and dead tracks, any chip in the body will be destroyed, aI think. The energy is not strong, in between those two. Relatively, though, it is. And energy is energy. It is not like FM signals, which goes in different wave lengths. Energy will be identified by speed of the electrons, aI believe. So, the receiver will not take alle kinds of speed. All kinds of energy is, though, authoritative to it.

And aI have experimented, a bit. Old electric ovens had those pins in panel which glowed. That is an open source. And the antenna of a portable DAB radio is a receiver. And it worked. And a modern oven, with ceramic top, is produced with glowing heat. That is a source. And a modern flashlight is a source. And that antenna of the portable DAB radio functioned as a receiver, and all seemed to work. The most effective, though, and the most simple, is a cell phone and loudspeakers connected to it by bluetooth. Of course, any bluetooth connection will do. Bluetooth is energy. So, there is a reason why the bluetooth function of my PC and my cell phone both for a long time was sabotaged. Ai think Satan ended sabotaging that bluetooth connection since aI had that bluetooth connected loudspeaker ahead of me, behind the PC, and since those chips hidden in teeth or between bones needs time to get. Ai think, though, bluetooth will kill any chip placed in the middle, if persistent about it.

Another thing aI have an idea of, is that there is a device signalling, or even reading, those chips, and maybe those devices are permanently locked to the chip if an energy goes through the chip. That is a crazy idea. It is a bit comforting to think of, though, that if so is, and you can kill that device by making a discharging, as by a lamp turning off or on, or by a flash from your cell phone, and you are in control.