Being a little


Those glasses are ugly. And aI just had to buy them, to have as a statement and as a memory.

Ai insist on being a little, living by faith. Both my PC and my cell phone are manipulated upon, and sabotaged, and God knows what is in them, and aI keep them, without trying to secure them. There is continually planted evidence in my apartment, in my bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and elsewhere, and aI clean, and live on. Remedies aI buy to heal the wounds given me in my face are obviously changed with something with opposite effect, and aI throw them away, and buy new ones. My coffee is obviously poisoned by medicines, and aI throw it away, wash the equipment, and try once more. Ai am hypnotized, and obviously people can enter my apartment without me noticing they are here. Ai can smell them, occasionally. They can do whatever there is. And aI will not seal my apartment. Ai lock the door, to show how it is, and will not be cynical and manipulating by giving those people right. Ai keep all my valuables in the open, and will not find a way to secure them. And my silver was almost destroyed. And aI had a professional to clean it, and put it up again. Obviously some accuse me of being responsible for what they do. And aI don’t try to fight them in individual cases. Ai collect receipts, to show where aI have been, take photos, to show where aI have been, and think, and believe, Jesus Christ is the ruler of the world. There is no way Satan shall succeed making me unfaithful.

And today aI bought those blue spectacles, or spectaculars, as what they are. That blue movement is a complete failure. And the question is if today’s Satan really is flagged by it. To make a kind of being faithful is so stupid, one has reason to believe that. And those glasses will be a memory. And aI will maybe use them, occasionally, to show, Satan has no right on that lovely blue colour.

Right now

Unfortunately it is so, that remedies against wounds, such as disinfecting liquid, disinfecting ointment and moisturizing cream, are exchanged, in my apartment, with quite the opposite. So it seems, the wounds in my face never heal. And every day, there is planting of evidence, so that aI am quite occupied with getting rid of it. Ai wash my bathroom and kitchen daily, and that is nice, don’t you think? Ai feel, though, aI wash my bedclothes daily, also, and that is maybe not so nice. Right now, though, aI feel my apartment is safe. Ai am sitting with a lot of candle lights around me, aI am drinking fastfood capuccino, and something which appears to me to be a hit, being Smirnoff’s vodka and Lerum’s blåbærsaft. Lerum is a factory which makes lemonade, in western Norway. And blåbærsaft is lemonade (extract) made from the typical blueberry up north. You really should taste it. Absolute vodka is fine [14/2-2019: Ai was wrong; Absolute vodka is fantastic with blåbærsaft. See comment.], though, Smirnoff appears to be sharper, and that makes it. Ai wonder, by the way, if the look of that Smirnoff bottle says something about the Russian, or if it is just something historical. Anyhow, aI learned the other day, Smirnoff no longer is Russian, being produced in England, or whatever. Ai believe those people producing it should contact the majesty or the highest priestess in Russia, to hear, if the look of that bottle is convenient, anyhow. So, you see, aI am not that bad. Jesus takes care of me, and aI mean, what the heck. This cannot last. The problem is, aI am destroyed, right? Ai could have been something, to the world. And the world chose to sell itself to Satan, and to kill me, by deed. Well. One thing is quite for sure, and that is aI have no authority in this world. And that is good for my salvation, aI imagine, being no power. Incapacitated, is the word for it, and that is what aI am. Expect no help.

Institutions on internet

Ai am sitting perfecting the look of my SoundCloud profile. SoundCloud is a fantastic service, and aI am able to make everything really presentable. And with time, Ai belive, the SoundCloud look will become less challenging, and maybe even an option will be made for the developing of personal looking artist or composer profiles. That is what aI think. And aI think of WordPress. In WordPress one has an idea, about widgets, which is not fully developed. The service of WordPress one can consider to be only in its beginning, and it is exciting to think those people have ideas. And aI think of my experience with different services. And aI think of the popularity of certain services. And aI think of Statoil.

Reality is not nice

Right now, aI am a little bit depressed. Sad, really. It is so much, of it all, and the evilness aI face seems to be endless. It was not imaginable so many people could be so evil for so long time, and it was not imaginable national law would be put aside by consensus, and it was not imaginable the human being was such a coward. It was not imaginable a people oriented towards another people could be evil. We live in the 2000nds. Some walls aI have made around me have stumbled down, and aI am disappointed. And aI am not certain about what to think of the future. This generation is a failure, and the question is if there are many people enough to base the legal society in the future. The alternative is an order almost not commensurable with history, which is, an order by power. The beast-like character of the so called human being today is awkward.

The broken toe

Ai know. Aesthetically, it is not. Ai want to show you, though. Ai have passed that keyboard many times for many years, and aI can hardly remember having bumped into it. Yesterday, though, aI was instructed to kick it, with my foot covered only by a sock. That hurt. And the toe went swollen. Some hours later, aI was instructed to go to sleep, and when aI woke up, that toe had begun to get blue, and it really hurt. Obviously, it had been bent, and aI felt it was broken. Ai know. Those people are out of their minds. And hypnotized, as aI am, aI cannot walk very far with that toe.

Ai am sorry about the poor resolution of the photo. This is how photos taken with my cell phone are when aI download them from the sky.

To children and youth

Please know, children and youth, we have never experienced anything like this earlier in history. That evilness, that organized crime, that failure of authorities, that mistrust, has never before occurred. Jesus, we know, warned man by stating the question if there would be any faith on earth when the Son of Man returned. So, we should not be surprised. The force of Satan is though frightening.

We will make the way as we go, step by step, in the hands of the Lord. The Zero point, ai believe, is made, and we are sensible, sensitive, creative, and smart. The technology of past any imagination is made. And we know how to use it.

Ai have a dream

As anyone, aI think the future will be great. It is a peculiar thought, living for a thousand years, and the children will join us. And people will rise. The technology is fantastic, and it is possible to communicate. What shows up as the start will settle things. We will go a way, and in Norway we have this saying, the walk is made step by step.