Electronic torture

Ai believe such electronic torture, giving headache and vision disturbance, to some extent, is not by radio waves. Ai believe it must be by some kind of energy, and aI believe DAB is that kind of energy. Ai believe the energy of DAB is not dangerous, since not concentrated. In a house, though, aI believe that energy can be made intense. And what God gave me, was to turn on the DAB radio, the portable one, with antenna. That distracted the energy, aI believe, thinking it worked somewhat like a magnet, even if the sound was turned to zero. Still aI had some headache, thou, and what God gave, was to turn om my electric oven, the portable one, with glowing pins in it. Ai believe that made a short circuit in the device, in the machine, giving the energy, in the surrounding it was directed to. Still, the headache came back, in waves, so to speak. And aI thought the device must have been customized with a fuse, which one could change, or switch back. What God gave me then, was to put on, or off, a lamp. Ai believe the inducing made by the radio (with antenna) and the electric oven (with the glowing pins) on the energy made a hold on. And when the energy field in the apartment by putting on or off a lamp was changed, a wave was sent back to the device, which destroyed it. My experience was that the headache immediately turned off. It came back, though, several times, which told me there must have been many devices pointing to my apartment.

The energy we speak of is not dangerous. It is weak. In a definite place, directed to it, it can be bad, though, aI believe, since the brain is quite vulnerable.

Chip injected

Ai believe aI had a chip injected, the other day, in my elbow. It is possible, since aI am hypnotized. And aI believe it was hidden between bones. And obviously, by it, the victim can be given headache. Whatever else, aI don’t know. Ai have had a headache, today. And aI tried a magnet. You know, of the kind you can put on the refrigerator. Ai believe there are stronger magnets. And aI don’t know if that is worth trying. And there was not any obvious electronic reaction. There was not binding, as aI saw it. There was, though, a certain tension visible in a vein of the arm. And the headache seems to be vanishing. Ai believe a magnet short circuits that chip.

Ai mean – four billion

Is everything aI have believed about the human being wrong, aI ask myself. Ai was terribly bullied when aI was a child. My parents taught me to respect people, though, and aI believed there was kindness in humans. Ai believed people were sensible. Ai believed people had hearts. What aI have lived through, and what aI right now experience, is so that aI ask myself if aI have been mislead. There is no name for the evilness aI am subjected to. There is no end to the evilness aI am subjected to. And no-one cares. It seems like people are sitting watching, finding it interesting what a man can take. It seems like people find pleasure in being informed about how evil one can be. It seems like people enjoy the love of Satan. And aI am bothered. Is human kind basically evil? Should aI perceive people aI meet as matters of Satan? Prove me wrong, lissom? Should children make secret societies? Should the aim of life be to devastate an official? Pride, lissom? At least aI did that? Ai uploaded some new images to Flickr, and suddenly, aI see an old one has disappeared. Ai don’t know which. Of sixty. Is the placement of it changed? Is it deleted? It will take me effort aI am not capable of making to find out. Ai am immobilized. Interesting, it is, that this is a way to do evil? To torture an incapable man? Faith in you? You know, aI wonder if my faith in mankind has been demolished. If people should go to hell, in my eyes, and that aI am one of the happy few who got it. And then, naivety is not what makes believers.

You, yourselves, have experienced this cruelty. What shall we do? How can people be so stupid there is no hope? Let us concentrate on the children, aI’d say. And feel nothing for the grown ups. Jesus is in charge, no matter what, and there is time.

Hitting the floor

For quite a long time aI have been subjected to torture, sadistic and persistent, and the last week has been ill. Ai was hospitalized for a couple of days. There was, though, so much arrangement, so much fancy play, so much made for me to take stand to, and so much torture and planting of evidence in my room, aI decided to go home, where aI am familiar with the surroundings.dav Ai feel a lot of people around the world, women and men, by God have reached their destination. And aI believe aI have abandoned physical functions of my body to protect myself. And aI cannot understand it. “As long as you live, there is hope,” we say in Norway, and aI cannot understand why people want to go home when home is Hell. Ai am physically ruined. And the latter days my head has been boiled. Ai wonder how aI myself will come out of this.

Ai believe aI have work to do. Since Google+ is to be taken down, early in April, aI must find another way of fronting Trixnix, and myself. And aI must find other ways of presenting the poems of mine posted in the communities of mine on Google+. Right now aI am not capable of doing any work, however light. Ai am, though, confident aI can do it.

Egg and bacon

You know, youth, egg and bacon is not that bad. In fact, when you have had a bit to much alcohol, egg and bacon is it. So, when you intend to make yourself impossible, you should see to it your mom and dad have egg and bacon in the refrigerator. The bacon, you know, is a bit crispy after steak. And the girls are desperately in love with what is s’mwhat crispy. And the eggs remind us of making, in a way. And the girls love that way. So to see to it that thing is in the refrigerator is s’mwhat intelligent. Making one sleep, lissom. And whatever the Jude says, the bacon is just s’mthing to be found in the cooling disk on the supermarked. And whatever the islam people say, the bacon is in fact scientifically controlled. And what the protein and the fat does aI have no intention of getting an idea of, since aI, at that point, am just thinking of getting sober. And having girls to love me.

Ill it is


This is insane. To contaminate my mattress like this is insane. The spots are from two spots aI found on my bed sheet, presumably blood, presumably made by a female during sexual intercourse, of which aI have no knowledge, and which aI have pointed to in two blog posts on Blogg Prixnix, in Norwegian. Ai sprayed the spots with Chlorine added sope, and added salt to the then wet spots, and this is the result under the bed sheet. The light is an ordinary candle light, the paper is an ordinary white paper in A4 format, and the bed sheet beneath the mattress is in light blue grey colour. Ai bought the mattress anew last summer. And the darkening of it varies from place to another.

And even if it is insane, presumably given me for to create a feeling of helplessness, dirtiness, powerlessness in my surroundings, to identify with as a poor one, it is so evil it cannot escape judgement. How dare people enter my apartment without my permission. How dare people change things in my apartment. How dare people, of which aI have no knowledge, and with which aI am in no situation, attack me.



The way it goes

fbtmdnThe last couple of days, Satan has obviously mobilized. Ai have a bit of pain in my chest, a tiny scar on my thumb, a worn out body and a head which feels like it has been through a drying machine. Ai wonder if aI ever will be able to make music again. Obviously, God let the painful impact be resisted before that, for a while. And obviously the impact was strengthened a hundred times or so, and for that reason the last days have been terrible. Head ache. Ai have fought, in my mind, and aI have prayed, and by now it seems like Satan is dead by the beginning of the evil work. And right now, aI pray to the good Lord, that this counts for any one of the chosen ones. May there be no more ridiculing.