Creative to be

Hello, children! Today has been a very hard day, for me, with pain, and feelings of utterly loneliness. Now, in the evening, aI am fine, though, thanks to the Lord, and my memory of it is vanishing. Ai think, though, the Lord answered my prayers so that the world has changed, somewhat.

Last night, a lot of snow fell in my part of Norway. See the photo below. You must admit it is nice? Really, in the forest, now, there is too much snow to go by foot. One must have skies, or snowshoes to do so. So, technology always comes from demands, right? Ai mean, skies are very old, historically speaking. And also, one sees that science, as such creates. Invents. Saying, what one can do, is … Lissom. So, art is not the only creative force, in the world. And, the genius is not the only creator. There is sensibility, too.