The U.S.A.

The U.S.A. today is the worst thing ever happened in human history. There are, though, exemptions. Google, and WordPress, and Facebook, also, by the engineers and the creators, are exemptions. And, there are many more. That U.S.A., though, is a disaster. Ai don’t state that to avoid a Russian attack on Norway. Ai state that, since twenty years of experience cannot be neglected. A generation is born without belonging, that is fathers, and with foolishness as the scope. The woman is not in charge of this. The woman is made to. To Hell, with it!

Damned it

Those people pertaining to be in charge of making wonders by torturing and other illegal acts; are you stupid? Do you think no-good is good? Failure excellence? There is no hope for you, and to Hell you will get.