Hotheaded craziness

You see, children, some people are crazy, in a bad and dangerous way. This kind of playhouse is more common to see in America than in Norway, aI believe. Ai bought one this spring, though, and placed it in the forestry of my neighbourhood. And that sparkled something, because aI saw the forest was devastated. So, for 6 months aI cleaned the forestry around me. And then, when winter set in, aI took down most of the orderlies aI had made. Wood fences, and the like. Ai raged, at that time, because of mistreatment aI am subjected to. So, that was a reason why. Ai saw, though, quickly, it was a nice thing to do to simplify the making before the winter set in. And this play house, or doll house, aI moved to one of the playgrounds of my neighbourhood. And see, what some have done, to it. It is not okay. One might be furious on me, and one might be crazy as craws. Children, though, one wishes the best. Some people are though crazy in a bad and dangerous way. And such people one should try to avoid.

Ai stop blogging

Ai hereby end this blog. Satan makes it impossible for me to communicate, and the torture aI am subjected to, nowadays, is so strong it is no point in making an impact. Ai intend to start blogging again when justice is settled.

Hello – children


Ai know you are wondering
when you are not pondering.
That, aI think, is rather crazy.
One can just, aI mean, be lazy.

HjerteThis is the first blog post on after aI emptied it and decided aI would make it a blog of mine for children. And, you know, also Scandinavian children might find their way to this blog, since one begins to learn English early in the schools in Scandinavia similar to Grammar school. It takes some years, though, to learn how to read and write. Myself, aI am an adult. Perhaps you know me from the children pages on Kindly go to to see. And, good bye, for now! Ai did not want to make this a lecture.