Jolly be good

[ Update November the 9th 2019 at 23:58, approximately: Ai have made an addition to the composition, and put it first, and aI have renamed it to be “Five fingers”. ]

Do you know, children … Ai mean, really … | ,” okey … |, aI will tell you: Ai have right now posted a silly thing on my home page which is very beautiful, in fact. You see, aI have put together four short compositions aI have made earlier, and made a new composition out of it, without making what they call a potpourri. And the musicians playing it are marvellous. And my point is old time Greek, maybe. You see, they had this story about Bird Phoenix, which rose from the ashes. Right? And there is some value, in such an old story. Ai think. Anyway, it was fun to make. Near exhausting, though funny, in the end. Find it here: Jolly be good.