Treatment against snake poison

If you are bit by a deadly snake, the poison goes directly into the blood, and you must have a special blood to survive. If poisoned by food, perhaps you will survive. Ai was poisoned by cobra poison put in my food. The Lord let me know what disinfected me, was a lot, really a lot, of water, which aI drank. Ai spit a lot, by drinking water, and the spit had bubbles. The water, the Lord let me know, cleaned the cells. In the process of being disinfected, the Lord let me eat

– rice, to clean my liver.
– mashed potatoes, to strengthen the stomach.
– chives, to strengthen the heart.
– bananas, to strengthen the cells.
– milk, to strengthen the blood.

Sugarwater to heal small wounds

A little bit of sugar in a little bit of water makes wonders to rifts and small open wounds. In 0,4 dl water, use half a teaspoon sugar. Put the sugarwater on the wound with your finger. Not often. Three of four times a day. Pain stops, and the wound grows faster. Ai have used it on my lip, which really was infected, and on small rips on my fingertips.