Realistic about it

You know, aI am hypnotized, so there is not all which aI am aware of. And obviously, there are people surrounding me which aI am not aware of. Ai may see shadows, though (we have a word for doing so in Norwegian), and aI may feel people in my presence which aI don’t see. And now, aI believe, we have won a Rumener, and a Norwegian, of the not so fortunate one’s. Of those living on the street. And that is not so bad? Ai mean, who is judging? Praise be the Lord. The idiots, and you have no idea of how aI hate those beings, not got a chance.

Again: Sugar water on wounds

Just to state that: Sugar water on wounds is really it! The effect is almost miraculous, on small wounds and distress of the skin. Ai believe one should not exaggerate the use of it, though, as a support for the blood it is fantastic. In periods, Satan has infected my makings of sugar water. And so, aI have had some problems. Now, it really works.

Salt in the wound


There is someone, not friendly, not good, not nice, and not kind, who tries to make life intolerable to me. Ai believe you know him. We know his name, and if one leaves life, that one will deal with him. The latest, now, is some kind of gas, which makes my sinuses infected. Ai have, though, also a wound, an open scar, on my lower lip, which comes and goes. It hurts. And aI believe it is regularly poisoned. Since aI am hypnotized, aI am vulnerable to manipulation. Also, aI believe remedies aI buy in effort to heal the wound are exchanged with manipulated drugs, making the wound worse. Today aI tried something new. Salt. Ai believe that expression, “salt in the wound” comes from a two thousand years old Roman practice of putting salt in the wounds of people having been whipped. Today, we use the expression for coining people’s efforts of being contrary to comforting, making wounds hurt even more, by the suggestion one is weak. And aI have never tried, really, to have salt in a wound. What aI thought, was that salt must be disinfecting. And aI thought maybe salt also would quicken healing, by strengthening whoever it is in the blood who performs this thing called “being mad about it”, which we in Norwegian coin “forbannet”. So aI tried salt, by putting a little bit of table salt in a small cup of water, adding a little bit of milk. The milk, aI thought, would make the liquid more tasty to the ones in the blood who perform admittance. Indeed it burned, the wound. Not critically much, though, and it took not much time before that burning went away, and the wound dried up. And if it is so, that salt disinfects, we can consider it God given, the Romans tortured their prisoners by having salt in the wounds of the whips.

Nicotine and coffee

Ai have smoked for almost all my life, and for many years, aI have drunk much coffee. And the reason why, is of course that aI feel for that to do. And making reasons for it, aI believe that both nicotine and coffee have effects on the brain.

Ai believe one is enlightened by cigarette smoking. Not in the way of being illuminated, of course. More like being relieved. Ai believe nicotine in a way triggers the activity in the brain, by opening nerve cells giving signals. If this is true, one will see it in a brain scan, aI believe.

And aI believe coffee makes one bitter, as coffee itself is bitter, and that coffee, in the brain, nurtures that feeling affording that sentence “damned!”. In Norwegian we would say, “bli forbannet”. Ai have no knowledge about it, and even so aI believe that coffee motivates organs to gather up.

I know, of course, cigarette smoking and coffee is not good for the health of a being, and the look of a being will of course alter by cigarette smoking and coffee drinking over many years.

Removing dirt from the inner of the skin

Ai believe in sun screen, in that respect, in other words in sun protection cream. Ai have a big lump beside my nose, a hard swelling, and aI don’t know where it comes from. What is coming out of it now, when aI press it hard, is white, as if from a blister, and even so the consistence of it is not quite the same as that, and there is no blood or water coming out with it, even if an amount is coming out. Initially, months ago, aI tried to open the lump with a needle, with no success. Today, the content comes out from that hole in the skin. Ai am, or have been, hypnotized.

What God gave me, was to buy sun protection cream, and for no reason, aI bought a lipstick. Occasionally aI have put it richly on the lump, and after five or ten or even more minutes, aI have washed it away with Zalo, which is a Norwegian brand mild soap for cleaning dishes by hand. It is not soap to be used in dishwasher (machine). Do not use that on your skin. You know. Now, after two months, or so, it begins to show effect, and aI believe aI should have been more enthusiastic about it. The swelling around the lump quickly was smaller by the treatment. And today that white substance of the lump comes out when aI squeeze it. In portions, with a day, or twelve hours between each try. To me, it seems like the sun protection cream forces what is on the inside of the skin to come out. And aI reason, that this is how the sun protection is made. And maybe, also, it seems to me, in the flesh, that substance of the lump is made to integrate with the flesh. That is stupid to say, of course, since dead material cannot integrate. You know, though, what aI mean.

If so, that which comes out from the inner of the skin, thinking of sun protection, will not constitute a sun shield when it is where it originally is, on the inside. It only makes a shield in reaction with the cream and air, being on the outside. And when washed away, the pores open.