The appearance of the blog

AI have an incredible challenge, presumably given me by Ingrid Alexandra. After aI changed the theme of the blog, the header image, that is the A in the circle, became frozen. Ai mean, there is nothing aI can do about it. Ai cannot move it, aI can not change it, and aI cannot delete it. Ai have thought about it, and since aI am not thinking, aI have come to the conclusion there is a possibility to change the entire mending of the blog, by making a theme on a Blogger blog, and save the atom of that theme on my computer, and then upload it to WordPress, on the blog. Ai think about it sporadically, and especially when aI am tired and ready for bed. As right now. And aI think that is part of the plot of Her Royal Highness. To make me confused. If aI do that now, aI cannot do it tomorrow, and if aI wait until tomorrow, aI have forgotten everything about it, and will regret aI did not do it now, since aI only think about taking away that A when aI am tired. Ai believe aI must sleep on it.

Well – if not dreaming

… expecting. Ai have changed my mind. Ai am chemically lobotomized, and aI have been tortured and abused for more than twenty years. Ai believe the word “broken” is the word for it. Yesterday aI looked up what electricity is in a Norwegian lexicon. And aI could not understand a word of it. Ai never got it in what we call college either, though, surely, aI have a bit more experience now. Well. Ai am expecting, aI guess. Making specs from what is.

Dreaming – again

,” okey … If aI am not broken, aI am apart. Hypnotized, and apart. Is that possible? You see, aI believe aI think clearly, now. Ai feel aI have been low, and now aI feel aI am sharp, again. That is nice, since then aI am not only taking it, and not only presented. As if that is any “only”. What aI mean, is that aI feel a bit more joyful.

Today aI saw two beautiful girls, in a restaurant, sitting together, a girl of African inheritance, and a girl of Norwegian stock, both Norwegian. And aI just had to make a poem. About the squirrel. Maybe they liked it …

Me now

Ai don’t get it. Ai am hypnotized and aI am broken, in that order of events, and even so, aI am tortured. Well.

It is a bit strange to be both, aI believe. Ai believe the hypnotizing has an effect on my sensing. Ai feel a bit detached, though feel the pains in my body, of course. Very afraid aI am not. And aI cannot say aI have any ambitions. Ai believe aI can be angry, though. And aI trust no-one.

Ai now pay for the service

Today, aI have made a subscription for the WordPress service, which means the adds now are not there, and which means aI can edit the site more thoroughly. Ai believe it will be very nice. Ai don’t believe aI will make much changes to the basic theme of the blog which aI now am using, which aI think is light and pretty. It is, though, nice to make minor changes, as you may see aI have done.



What we have been subjected to, and experienced, is the worst ever happened in human history, God let me know. It is worse, even, being burned on fire. The broken ones did not only suffer pain and did not only lose touch, – they lost identity, and was forced to live. The hypnotized did not only lose self confidence and power, they were forced to witness what they should be authorized to stop. The pain we feel, is inexplainable. God knows. Please, aI beg you, remember we are sons and daughters of fathers. // Ai love you too.


Forside telefonObviously, there is something about Satan and imaging (Norwegian: billedgjøring). To Satan, to make an appearance is to play a role and to give an impression, and symbols, to Satan, obviously have power. It is as if symbols get power from what they express, to Satan. So, to Satan, to use a cross is to show one has the power of Christ. It is insane, though, this is how it is. It is like with those old African medicine doctors and masks.

We can be conscious of the fact, and use symbols instrumentally. Who wants, though. Satan will think he is determined to test the power. Satan is a package if idiocy. What aI believe will be protecting, though, is the cross, in normal situations. Christ will keep an eye of the use of the cross. And aI have myself now put crosses on both the entrances to my apartment, and, as you see by the picture, on my mobile phone. Ai used a screenshot as a measurement to get the proportions right.

Ai have had crosses on every single site of Trixnix, and aI have made crosses on my computer, and aI have had a cross as my necklace, aI have had crosses on my jackets, and Satan has not given a damned. What Jesus feels about that, one can only speculate about. There should be power in the cross – in the holy spirit.