The way it goes

davWe all know, surviving a bite from a poisonous snake, if lethal, is not possible, really. Surviving a bite from a poisonous spider, if lethal, is not possible, really. And, surviving a bite from a deadly scorpion, if lethal, is not possible, really. And surviving all three of those at one time is something like a miracle. And, miracles do not happen. Thank, You, my Lord, who is my spouse, as the woman, my brother, as the sister, my father, as the Girl. Thank, You, my Lord, who is the root if aI am the stem. With branches, and leaves, and fruit. Ai am the Son of Man. Don’t make me confused. Jesus Christ should be, who looks at me with a certain interest.

My left foot, which is showed by the photo, taken right now, is obviously less swollen than it was. That is where the snake bite is, aI presume. Today, the flesh of my left foot has been very stiff. And, just now, it itches, a bit. Ai can easily use the foot. And aI can easily move my toes. The right foot, where the scorpion bite is, aI presume, has been calm, today. Not much electrical feeling. And my back, where the spider bite is, aI presume, is okay. My back never really bothered me. It felt a bit tensed, sometimes, by a feeling of discomfort of the skin. And also a short period of time today. It does not feel mentioning, though.

Lately, that is the last couples of days, aI have used some money intentionally, that is not by urge, and rather by planning. Ai have made my tools in order, for instance, by buying new tool boxes. And, aI have bought myself a new vacuum cleaner, and, indeed, and finally, aI have bought myself a microwave oven. What aI think, is that we are rapidly heading against a depression, financially speaking. People may prove me wrong, and aI will not be the one to initialize it, though, come on … So, money will be less worth, aI guess. And, if so, it is foresighted to buy those things now. What will become of us, aI think, is being people, and companies, inviting. “Is it convenient for you to help me with this?” Just now, though, aI am realistic.

Music broadcast

You know, youth, my generation, and any generation before that, was thinking of songs as given, Once made, it would be unthinkable, changing the lyrics. Obviously, that has changed. The music, though, is the same, as if composing is eternal.

One can discuss that. My view, is that “Hey, Jude” by McCartney and Lennon is eternal, by both the music and by the lyrics. Opinions and perspectives may change, though, and cultures want to present themselves, and make impressions. If this thing, making temporal appearances in radio, should continue, there are two considerations to make. One is the force. If there are American influence in Norwegian radio, there should be Russian. And Chinese. And French. And Korean. And Congolese. Ai mean, what the heck. And Brazilian. Another thing, is that one gets set out if there is a power, by those voices, not to choose. One should be confident, there is not a nation trying to fix it.

For me, it is impossible to play an artist on Spotify, right now, without the American taking control, exchanging the music with “messages” from that organization, you know. And that is idiocy. It makes me focusing.

To youth

What youth must comprehend, is that this devilish organization, whatever it is called in its many ways, has been my enemy from the start. It has hindered me, stolen from me, and tortured me for 22 years. It must be abandoned.

Taking place

Ai met some pretty children, today, on my walk, who said to me we should play, when aI asked them what we should do today. My neighbourhood can be fantastic. Of course aI responded by saying that was the most tremendous idea of all times. And, that we should do. And maybe the girls have had a good time. Ai hope so. Myself, aI have been quite serious, unfortunately, having an intrusion, or two, and dealing with the problems, God given. My feeling, though, after that thing, being a specific love of mine, is that aI now am safe, in my apartment. Thank, You, Lord. And even if aI seem to be hypnotized, from time to time, as aI get it, when aI leave my apartment, the Lord gives me to cope. And the Lord, of course, is Jesus Christ. And here aI could have left my trace. And aI will not. So, aI state that aI believe all broken ones, because of the hatred of beauty, and many hypnotized ones, because of the love of life, and all men being tortured to silence, now, in fact, can rely on that thing, the Lord, that is Jesus Christ, is fed up, and answers specific commands. My God! Ai have seen You, the way You look! Many times, by many individuals! And Girls, – aI know, being that authoritative is not your deal. Please know, though, you can. Tell that Satan to go to Hell, in your mind, and that angel, who is looking at you, affording you, will make it true.

What is taking place cannot last. Whoever many together; there is life. And God, from the beginning, created some nasty beasts, and, in fact, even some nasty growth. If that is what people want, that is, if that is what people nourish, breed, and praise, that is what they get. And, aI mean, a scorpion is polite? A crocodile is not obvious? A tiger is not kind? And in my neighbourhood we have a viper. The Englishmen will smile to that, since, aI believe, it is not that different from the British viper. When meeting a rattle snake, though, in a matter of death and life? Or a cobra? In Norway? And a bear in fight with hyenas? What are they, compared to the moose? Come to your senses, people of the world. Ai’d say. And my friends, especially for you: Ai love you.

As Norwegian as it gets – No 2

,” okey !!! Ai admit it! Ai am broken. And Jesus espirites my personality (is that a word?) so that it looks for you as if aI am alive. Just to make you confused. Ai mean, aI am quite dead. And aI will think about that.

And now, aI have tried Russian Standard Vodka together with Lerum’s Blåbær saft, and the taste is astonishing. Ai mean, what more to dream of … And today aI tried that Finnish miracle called Koskenkorva Vodka together with Lerum’s Solbær Sirup, and aI am in Heaven. ,” okey, stay put in Heaven, then, maybe, aI must be. And aI just want you to know. Ai mean, obviously there are brands out there, speaking of liquor. And Norwegian lemonade? You must be a complete idiot, of that kind which has no voting right’s on the children’s day, not to try it.