Taking place

Ai met some pretty children, today, on my walk, who said to me we should play, when aI asked them what we should do today. My neighbourhood can be fantastic. Of course aI responded by saying that was the most tremendous idea of all times. And, that we should do. And maybe the girls have had a good time. Ai hope so. Myself, aI have been quite serious, unfortunately, having an intrusion, or two, and dealing with the problems, God given. My feeling, though, after that thing, being a specific love of mine, is that aI now am safe, in my apartment. Thank, You, Lord. And even if aI seem to be hypnotized, from time to time, as aI get it, when aI leave my apartment, the Lord gives me to cope. And the Lord, of course, is Jesus Christ. And here aI could have left my trace. And aI will not. So, aI state that aI believe all broken ones, because of the hatred of beauty, and many hypnotized ones, because of the love of life, and all men being tortured to silence, now, in fact, can rely on that thing, the Lord, that is Jesus Christ, is fed up, and answers specific commands. My God! Ai have seen You, the way You look! Many times, by many individuals! And Girls, – aI know, being that authoritative is not your deal. Please know, though, you can. Tell that Satan to go to Hell, in your mind, and that angel, who is looking at you, affording you, will make it true.

What is taking place cannot last. Whoever many together; there is life. And God, from the beginning, created some nasty beasts, and, in fact, even some nasty growth. If that is what people want, that is, if that is what people nourish, breed, and praise, that is what they get. And, aI mean, a scorpion is polite? A crocodile is not obvious? A tiger is not kind? And in my neighbourhood we have a viper. The Englishmen will smile to that, since, aI believe, it is not that different from the British viper. When meeting a rattle snake, though, in a matter of death and life? Or a cobra? In Norway? And a bear in fight with hyenas? What are they, compared to the moose? Come to your senses, people of the world. Ai’d say. And my friends, especially for you: Ai love you.

As Norwegian as it gets – No 2

,” okey !!! Ai admit it! Ai am broken. And Jesus espirites my personality (is that a word?) so that it looks for you as if aI am alive. Just to make you confused. Ai mean, aI am quite dead. And aI will think about that.

And now, aI have tried Russian Standard Vodka together with Lerum’s Blåbær saft, and the taste is astonishing. Ai mean, what more to dream of … And today aI tried that Finnish miracle called Koskenkorva Vodka together with Lerum’s Solbær Sirup, and aI am in Heaven. ,” okey, stay put in Heaven, then, maybe, aI must be. And aI just want you to know. Ai mean, obviously there are brands out there, speaking of liquor. And Norwegian lemonade? You must be a complete idiot, of that kind which has no voting right’s on the children’s day, not to try it.

As Norwegian as it gets


You know, Americans, in Norway we are more sober than you. We have Vinmonopolet, which is not a kiosk, where we buy wine and liquor, and it closes in the afternoon, and so does the selling of beer in the regular stores. We are permitted to drink alcohol, though … And aI have made a discovery. You see, down in Western Norway there is a factory making lemonade. Extract. Lerum, is the name. Ai believe one elsewhere in the world believe they have good lemonade, though, Norwegian? And aI tried it together with vodka. And it is heaven. The blueberry syrup is fantastic with Smirnoff. Ai believe Smirnoff is especially sharp. And together, that drink is dry, and sweet, anyhow, tasty, and permissive. That blueberry, by the way, aI believe is made from the typical north blueberry of Europe. And yesterday, aI tried the blackcurrant syrup with Absolute vodka. And it was fantastic. Tasty, and sour, and a bit of bitter aftertaste. Ai know there is a vodka which in fact is produced in Russia. And aI look forward to try it, together with whatever, if all the tasting has not let me be an imbecile before that.

Right now

Unfortunately it is so, that remedies against wounds, such as disinfecting liquid, disinfecting ointment and moisturizing cream, are exchanged, in my apartment, with quite the opposite. So it seems, the wounds in my face never heal. And every day, there is planting of evidence, so that aI am quite occupied with getting rid of it. Ai wash my bathroom and kitchen daily, and that is nice, don’t you think? Ai feel, though, aI wash my bedclothes daily, also, and that is maybe not so nice. Right now, though, aI feel my apartment is safe. Ai am sitting with a lot of candle lights around me, aI am drinking fastfood capuccino, and something which appears to me to be a hit, being Smirnoff’s vodka and Lerum’s blåbærsaft. Lerum is a factory which makes lemonade, in western Norway. And blåbærsaft is lemonade (extract) made from the typical blueberry up north. You really should taste it. Absolute vodka is fine [14/2-2019: Ai was wrong; Absolute vodka is fantastic with blåbærsaft. See comment.], though, Smirnoff appears to be sharper, and that makes it. Ai wonder, by the way, if the look of that Smirnoff bottle says something about the Russian, or if it is just something historical. Anyhow, aI learned the other day, Smirnoff no longer is Russian, being produced in England, or whatever. Ai believe those people producing it should contact the majesty or the highest priestess in Russia, to hear, if the look of that bottle is convenient, anyhow. So, you see, aI am not that bad. Jesus takes care of me, and aI mean, what the heck. This cannot last. The problem is, aI am destroyed, right? Ai could have been something, to the world. And the world chose to sell itself to Satan, and to kill me, by deed. Well. One thing is quite for sure, and that is aI have no authority in this world. And that is good for my salvation, aI imagine, being no power. Incapacitated, is the word for it, and that is what aI am. Expect no help.

How it is going to be


Every time aI go to sleep, the wounds in my face are infected. And for a very long time, aI have been bothered with pain and itching, given me by what is in my teeth. This cannot go on. Obviously, the children of Satan cannot control themselves, and will pursue their evil intents if there is no immediate sanction. So, from now on, everyone wanting to harm a hypnotized or a broken one in the hands of God, or who wants to destroy the work of a hypnotized or a broken one in the hands of God, will be extinguished by the pursue of the intent.

My God, aI am furious. Christ give me right.

By the way, aI have made, on Prixnix.com, an overview of the “spots” in my apartment, to be found here.



,” okey … Maybe Norwegian is not that silly. Pretty close, though. We share with the Jew that orientation one in philosophy call “materialistic”, and you know, Americans should also, having a President. Number One, not One and Only. What that means, is that we are grounded. Pretty down to earth, by the language, though dreaming about the not reachable, not imaginable. So we can be pretty naive, thinking others must think as us, like in the hands of God, cared for. We are basically like the tree flowering, not the beast, pissing on it. And that is pretty close to being that silly. For some.