Good morning, children! As you can see in the photograph, this morning a lion has walked on my veranda. It has been heading directly towards my veranda door, taking no notice of the candle lights, which were not lit, and that, aI think, is precisely why. Scary, though. It is a good thing it is snow, now, in Scandinavia, so that it was a little bit confused, aI believe. You see, to us, snow is a symbol of mercy, also. It covers everything, right? So, in Scandinavia, traditionally, we have had a feeling of togetherness, as peoples, and feeling of belonging to the people, which is a bit special, aI think. And if one should pin point why this is so, one would point to the snow, perhaps. And pointing at the snow is a strange thing to do, don’t you think? Ai mean, it is everywhere.



You know, children, when you say “it is light,” one has to think of the light also. Differently, in Norwegian we say “lett” for “light being”, which also is “easy”, and we say “lys” for “the light”. When we think it seems to be “lett”, there, in the distance, where it seems to be light, it means it seems to be open, and easy to get around in. And that is how different cultures can be. Light (lys) to a Norwegian always comes from a source.