It bothers me

You know, it bothers me there is no response to what aI am expressing, as music, wisdom, poetry or drawings. The only thing people respond to is power, of which aI have none. And that makes me feel insufficient, and poor. And it has a devastating effect on my belief in human kind. And whatever happens; so it was. Is it strange aI get drunk …

You world

You know, that is an expression in Norwegian. “Du verden …” In English, that would be “good gracious …” The feel is, though, not quite the same, one will admit.

Today, aI discovered, by a random pick, that one of the tunes in the random pick on had been sabotaged. And aI was unable to detect which, by the web page. So, aI decided to make a list of every tune in the random pick, since then it is not much of a job to detect which is destroyed. And making it is quite easy, by the “search and replace” function of a word processor program. Since aI did not change any of the hyper marks, aI could use that. And, do you know (a Norwegian expression again …), they deleted a link in the list. And when aI tried to find out which one by the search function of the browser, aI discovered they changed which one was deleted as aI searched. Ai mean, what?

Is there any comfort, one may ask. To you and me there is no comfort, people going to hell. The comfort might be, though, one trusted in the Lord. Faith, and belief. At least, one did that, lissom.