This is really bad


You world … Satan is, for no reason, really mad at me. This thing, made of tin, was in order when my mother had it, and it was in order when aI put it in my cellar after her death in 2009. It is a memory from my father’s home, that is, from my childhood.

Ai wonder what has been taken away from me. It is awkward, since such things are valuables. The commandment is clear: Thou shalt not steal. And when Jesus said we should collect treasures in Heaven instead of possessing material worth, he said nothing about valuing one’s family, one’s heritage, one’s life. And being so, that you will decide what another person should value, is to anyone a bit awkward, don’t you think? Ai mean, one must be a Satan to argue for it.

As Norwegian as it gets – No 2

,” okey !!! Ai admit it! Ai am broken. And Jesus espirites my personality (is that a word?) so that it looks for you as if aI am alive. Just to make you confused. Ai mean, aI am quite dead. And aI will think about that.

And now, aI have tried Russian Standard Vodka together with Lerum’s Blåbær saft, and the taste is astonishing. Ai mean, what more to dream of … And today aI tried that Finnish miracle called Koskenkorva Vodka together with Lerum’s Solbær Sirup, and aI am in Heaven. ,” okey, stay put in Heaven, then, maybe, aI must be. And aI just want you to know. Ai mean, obviously there are brands out there, speaking of liquor. And Norwegian lemonade? You must be a complete idiot, of that kind which has no voting right’s on the children’s day, not to try it.

What more to do on Trixnix

2019-01-15What more is there to do on Trixnix? Of work, aI mean?

First of all, the creation must be checked. Satan has made changes, and some destruction has been made. And that will be quite a job. Ai mean, there are thousands of poems, for example, on Trixnix, counting big and small. Secondly, Magnimix should be filled. For to do that, aI must be made aware of creations proper. Ai believe the look of everything is all right, on Trixnix, speaking of the overall impression. The comment sections of the Blogger blogs aI have not given much attention, though. And those should all be checked and made fine. By the way, there are no comments on Trixnix, anywhere, visible to me. And there might be a call for minor improvements on certain sites. For example, two small gif images were sabotaged on Small Smiley, and removed from the posts. Maybe it is possible to recover them. And more content could be added on Trixnix, of any form.

Doing something on Trixnix now seems futile, though. The situation must end, by which aI am controlled by Satan, and the creation must be secured before it is possible to do anything. Right now, Satan can do whatever Satan wishes on Trixnix, stopped only by common appeal, and whenever aI try to do something, the intensity of the torture of me increases, and the work is sabotaged. People must get rid of Satan, and make expressions of justice.

As Norwegian as it gets


You know, Americans, in Norway we are more sober than you. We have Vinmonopolet, which is not a kiosk, where we buy wine and liquor, and it closes in the afternoon, and so does the selling of beer in the regular stores. We are permitted to drink alcohol, though … And aI have made a discovery. You see, down in Western Norway there is a factory making lemonade. Extract. Lerum, is the name. Ai believe one elsewhere in the world believe they have good lemonade, though, Norwegian? And aI tried it together with vodka. And it is heaven. The blueberry syrup is fantastic with Smirnoff. Ai believe Smirnoff is especially sharp. And together, that drink is dry, and sweet, anyhow, tasty, and permissive. That blueberry, by the way, aI believe is made from the typical north blueberry of Europe. And yesterday, aI tried the blackcurrant syrup with Absolute vodka. And it was fantastic. Tasty, and sour, and a bit of bitter aftertaste. Ai know there is a vodka which in fact is produced in Russia. And aI look forward to try it, together with whatever, if all the tasting has not let me be an imbecile before that.

Being a little


Those glasses are ugly. And aI just had to buy them, to have as a statement and as a memory.

Ai insist on being a little, living by faith. Both my PC and my cell phone are manipulated upon, and sabotaged, and God knows what is in them, and aI keep them, without trying to secure them. There is continually planted evidence in my apartment, in my bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and elsewhere, and aI clean, and live on. Remedies aI buy to heal the wounds given me in my face are obviously changed with something with opposite effect, and aI throw them away, and buy new ones. My coffee is obviously poisoned by medicines, and aI throw it away, wash the equipment, and try once more. Ai am hypnotized, and obviously people can enter my apartment without me noticing they are here. Ai can smell them, occasionally. They can do whatever there is. And aI will not seal my apartment. Ai lock the door, to show how it is, and will not be cynical and manipulating by giving those people right. Ai keep all my valuables in the open, and will not find a way to secure them. And my silver was almost destroyed. And aI had a professional to clean it, and put it up again. Obviously some accuse me of being responsible for what they do. And aI don’t try to fight them in individual cases. Ai collect receipts, to show where aI have been, take photos, to show where aI have been, and think, and believe, Jesus Christ is the ruler of the world. There is no way Satan shall succeed making me unfaithful.

And today aI bought those blue spectacles, or spectaculars, as what they are. That blue movement is a complete failure. And the question is if today’s Satan really is flagged by it. To make a kind of being faithful is so stupid, one has reason to believe that. And those glasses will be a memory. And aI will maybe use them, occasionally, to show, Satan has no right on that lovely blue colour.

Right now

Unfortunately it is so, that remedies against wounds, such as disinfecting liquid, disinfecting ointment and moisturizing cream, are exchanged, in my apartment, with quite the opposite. So it seems, the wounds in my face never heal. And every day, there is planting of evidence, so that aI am quite occupied with getting rid of it. Ai wash my bathroom and kitchen daily, and that is nice, don’t you think? Ai feel, though, aI wash my bedclothes daily, also, and that is maybe not so nice. Right now, though, aI feel my apartment is safe. Ai am sitting with a lot of candle lights around me, aI am drinking fastfood capuccino, and something which appears to me to be a hit, being Smirnoff’s vodka and Lerum’s blåbærsaft. Lerum is a factory which makes lemonade, in western Norway. And blåbærsaft is lemonade (extract) made from the typical blueberry up north. You really should taste it. Absolute vodka is fine [14/2-2019: Ai was wrong; Absolute vodka is fantastic with blåbærsaft. See comment.], though, Smirnoff appears to be sharper, and that makes it. Ai wonder, by the way, if the look of that Smirnoff bottle says something about the Russian, or if it is just something historical. Anyhow, aI learned the other day, Smirnoff no longer is Russian, being produced in England, or whatever. Ai believe those people producing it should contact the majesty or the highest priestess in Russia, to hear, if the look of that bottle is convenient, anyhow. So, you see, aI am not that bad. Jesus takes care of me, and aI mean, what the heck. This cannot last. The problem is, aI am destroyed, right? Ai could have been something, to the world. And the world chose to sell itself to Satan, and to kill me, by deed. Well. One thing is quite for sure, and that is aI have no authority in this world. And that is good for my salvation, aI imagine, being no power. Incapacitated, is the word for it, and that is what aI am. Expect no help.