To overcome

You know, children, when light goes, someone is responsible. And responsible also, are those devils given that Satan responsibility. Think about it. Responsibility … And, what aI want to make you aware of today, is mark. You know, in my neighbourhood, that devil has made a numerous marks in the forest, by placing pins, and branches of trees, and dead trees on specific places, and everywhere. Just to torture, and to make weak. And aI have cleaned. Litter, and such. And cleared. And aI have made marks. Of, or on, those specific places, signalling, here bad has been done. Though, in such a manner, one can relate, to it.


This photograph is from a damage point in the forest near to me. Dunderskogen, or “The Foreign Forest”, aI call it. And see, how beautiful it is. And see, what those memory close must feel. Ai believe several men are buried, on the place. With no gravestones, and only the contamination. Originally. And now, a place to relate to. See: That is the thing. Being able to relate to. Isolating, and marking. That is the thing. Hurt? Isolate, and mark! That is the thing. God bless you.

Creative to be

Hello, children! Today has been a very hard day, for me, with pain, and feelings of utterly loneliness. Now, in the evening, aI am fine, though, thanks to the Lord, and my memory of it is vanishing. Ai think, though, the Lord answered my prayers so that the world has changed, somewhat.

Last night, a lot of snow fell in my part of Norway. See the photo below. You must admit it is nice? Really, in the forest, now, there is too much snow to go by foot. One must have skies, or snowshoes to do so. So, technology always comes from demands, right? Ai mean, skies are very old, historically speaking. And also, one sees that science, as such creates. Invents. Saying, what one can do, is … Lissom. So, art is not the only creative force, in the world. And, the genius is not the only creator. There is sensibility, too.


My love

Yesterday night, children, aI suddenly wanted to make a song. Ai understood people are reserved about giving justice to me, and also, aI came to think about that song “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”. Ai wanted to make one in the same genre. And when seeing and hearing the text, you can think of “my love” as the girl in me, being a creative soul, or you can think of “my love” as the wife of the man. And you should know that man Israel had two wives. You should let your parents tell you about it. The point is, mothers are different, and basically they are of two kinds.

The text follows below.

| My love | by | Vaccinius | on MuseScore.


My love is as steep as the mountain.
My love is as fine as the sea.
My love is a sweet mountain fountain.
Oh, salt water, fathom, and see.

Mercy, mercy, never was rescue to late.
Mercy, mercy, harbour is also a gate.

My love has gone wild as creative.
My love has a thing she will do.
My love acts as ship with a motive.
Oh, salt water, fathom, and see.

Mercy, mercy, never was rescue to late.
Mercy, mercy, harbour is also a gate.

My love will be somewhat attentive.
My love will not glorify me.
My love seems to be my substantive.
Oh, salt water, fathom, and see.

Mercy, mercy, never was rescue to late.
Mercy, mercy, harbour is also a gate.


Hello, children! Ai feel the day which now has passed was devastating, and that we are in need of addressing the Lord. Before aI went to bed, the Lord let me make a tune, intended to be a Christmas song, which every child in the world can make their own text to. There are many days until Christmas now, though, Christmas Eve is the birthday of the Lord, and Christmas songs are special. Kindly find the tune, that is the melody of the song, posted on MuseScore

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