Over with it

davThis is how my feet looks like today, right now. Ai want to show you. You can see the scars of both the scorpion, on my right foot, and the snake, on my left. My left foot is considerably less swollen, and aI feel all poison now is out of my body. Ai walk heavily on the foot, and the foot, that is the left, is less swollen, and almost as the right, when aI wake up in the morning. The flesh in my left foot is broken, aI believe. Ai believe the flesh is not able, so to speak, to absorb blood. Very often the foot, and also the right, feels stiff, and cold, in a strange way, disinterested, as a matter of fact, and from time to time aI can feel pain going through it, as if the foot is raging. The itching, which was almost intolerable, aI have not experienced the latter of days. Ai have just showered, so there is less materialized blood on the scar of my left foot than it uses to be. The fact, though, the scar has not healed shows this is not an ordinary wound.

The motive of the poisonous creep is to see if you tolerate it, and if so, to make you one. Enough is enough, though, and when Jesus let me get over it, aI have no intention of being bad. Of course. That thing of the snake, and that thing of the spider, if aI really was bit, by the spider in my back, is dead, in my body, and that Satan must obey.

How today feels

davAi feel that creature, in my left foot, by its poison, no longer is active. Still, as you may see from the photo, taken just now, May the 17th 2019 around 10 o’clock in the morning, the foot from the leg down is a bit swollen. And a bit tensed. Periodically, the leg feels very tight, so to speak, or voluminous, with pressure not being released, and from time to time it itches a lot. Both pains may vanish, though, and the headache aI occasionally get must be given me, so really, aI don’t know what causes those pains. By now aI can use shoes, if not for to long, and when aI walk, there is no discomfort from the leg.

Today is Independence Day in Norway. In Trondheim we have sunshine, the temperature is twelve degrees Celsius, the green in the spring of Norway is fantastic, also this year, and despite the pains from my left foot, and despite that will to manipulate me, as hypnotized, today urgent by having me to go asleep, it is not a bad day.cof

How it is today

davThis is how the foot looks right now, just past 9 o’clock in the evening, Norwegian time. As you can see, the infected area has gone downwards, and there is not plenty visibel change from yesterday. The foot is less touchy, though, in that respect it still feels stiff, in that area, as voluminous, in a way, though not scary. Special, today, is that aI ate some “Sognemorr”, in the evening, together with my beer. Ai believe that had a tremendous effect on the killing of the poison. Sogn is a place in the Western Norway, you see, in the South, and the people of Sogn are crazy people. And they have made, quite surely, a wonder medicine against stupid poison. And that is Sognemorr. It is a sausage, with sheep meat, primarily, and even if other branches are available, aI believe the original is from Sogn. Of course, it is a secret the sausage is a wonder medicine against stupid foreign poison. Daily, we eat it with “grøt”. You have no idea, aI believe, how good that invention tastes … Or, the masculine part of the population eat it together with drinking beer to impress the women. Ordnung muss sein.

Ai went to Heimdal, today, and bought some nice things. My financial reserves are rapidly decreasing. Ai am not worried, though. Ai have been oriented and motivated on surviving. And by my creations aI will get income. Anything else would be Hell.

The forest aI have cleared turns out to be a wonder by the growth, now about to be green. Today, aI cleared a new spot of disruption, already as good as isolated, and it feels fine there is not so much planting of evilness, right now. Branches, and sticks, and destruction of the created spots. Our Father has made me make a heavenly spot for children, by that forest. Legally, it is governed by the community of households to which aI belong.

Ai feel fine. Ai have begun making a tune for organ, which feels like crazy, though a bit original, so maybe it will be nice.

Satus quo – bite treatment – and some advertising

davToday has been a bit of a nice day. Yesterday, and this morning, the foot was very stiff. It was as if the leg was frozen, without that cold feeling, though. Lately aI have felt for beer. Ai believe beer helps me urinate, and aI believe alcohol is thinning the blood. Ai drink Dahl’s beer, which is the beer from Trondheim. There is not much difference in the beers from Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo, aI believe. Ai believe one must be quite enthusiastic to know the difference, The beer from Trondheim, though, is given a certain patriotic flavour, though. And aI believe it is spiced a little with charm. When that snake poison got a taste of it, the snake poison was shocked, set back, and killed in numbers. The spider poison, aI believe, thought it was in Heaven, and was by that easily annihilated by the blood, interrupting it. And also fresh water may cleanse the system and make you urinate, aI thought, and is also blood thinning. Ai believe that is quite an intelligent thought. So, today, aI have drunk some water, and aI have spit a lot, urinated a lot, and the foot has felt fine. The stiffness passed. The problem with my left foot is the itching, Ai scratched myself so much last night aI could not sleep, and thought aI would never be sane, again. And minutes ago it started again. During the day, though, and right now, the leg was fine.

Ai bought a honey melon and ate, today. Ai wonder if that was good for the freshness of the cells. The other day, aI also bought zinc pills. Ai just felt for it. Food supplement. In the morning, aI take a pill, together with three spoons of fish oil (aI usually take one or two) and two vitamin pills made on blueberry and aroniaberry, whatever that last berry is. Ai feel for potato chips. Potato, aI believe, and salt. And aI eat heavy dinners. That need for eggs, or mayonnaise, aI don’t have now, for one or another reason.

Ai took a trip to Tiller, today, which is the big shopping center on my side of the town, and bought myself a couple of lights of the kind looking like small light houses, and aI bought myself a raincoat. Also, aI bought a small rose to a pot on my back veranda. And, more, when aI stood up this morning, aI finished a piece of music, for string quartet, which a created yesterday. That was a bit of fun. So, the day was not that bad, circumstances considered.

The way it goes

davWe all know, surviving a bite from a poisonous snake, if lethal, is not possible, really. Surviving a bite from a poisonous spider, if lethal, is not possible, really. And, surviving a bite from a deadly scorpion, if lethal, is not possible, really. And surviving all three of those at one time is something like a miracle. And, miracles do not happen. Thank, You, my Lord, who is my spouse, as the woman, my brother, as the sister, my father, as the Girl. Thank, You, my Lord, who is the root if aI am the stem. With branches, and leaves, and fruit. Ai am the Son of Man. Don’t make me confused. Jesus Christ should be, who looks at me with a certain interest.

My left foot, which is showed by the photo, taken right now, is obviously less swollen than it was. That is where the snake bite is, aI presume. Today, the flesh of my left foot has been very stiff. And, just now, it itches, a bit. Ai can easily use the foot. And aI can easily move my toes. The right foot, where the scorpion bite is, aI presume, has been calm, today. Not much electrical feeling. And my back, where the spider bite is, aI presume, is okay. My back never really bothered me. It felt a bit tensed, sometimes, by a feeling of discomfort of the skin. And also a short period of time today. It does not feel mentioning, though.

Lately, that is the last couples of days, aI have used some money intentionally, that is not by urge, and rather by planning. Ai have made my tools in order, for instance, by buying new tool boxes. And, aI have bought myself a new vacuum cleaner, and, indeed, and finally, aI have bought myself a microwave oven. What aI think, is that we are rapidly heading against a depression, financially speaking. People may prove me wrong, and aI will not be the one to initialize it, though, come on … So, money will be less worth, aI guess. And, if so, it is foresighted to buy those things now. What will become of us, aI think, is being people, and companies, inviting. “Is it convenient for you to help me with this?” Just now, though, aI am realistic.

Super human not

Kindly look up the two blog posts on blog.prixnix.com called “Bites” and “The scorpion is dead“, respectively, and also the blogpost on vaccinius.net called “Poisoned again“.

Ai believe a have been bit by a poisonous spider, also. For some time a have been having a burning sensation from a spot in my back, and today, by looking in the mirror, aI saw a red spot. Satan denied me to take a picture of it. My cell phone is taken in control.

Yesterday, a managed to get an ejaculation. By that, aI believe, the identity of all three venomous creatures disappeared, being the scorpion, the snake and the spider, from my body. A Norwegian should not know so much about venomous creatures. A bit from the Norwegian viper is not considered to be life threatening, normally, and normally, it is treated as an infection. My experience, though, from the bites aI apprehend aI have had, and also from the organic poison aI apprehend aI have been given by food, is that an identity is established in the body, by which this foreign, evil power relates, functioning as excuse. By that ejaculation of sperma, in a man’s body, that identity seems to be vanishing, and the healing of the body takes speed.

Since there were three different organic evils to relate to, the treatment God let me make was a bit complicated. Sour drinks are not the thing, treating snake bites. Poison from a scorpion, though, aI feel, will be met, by it. High sensation, so to speak. Respect, one would say, being plain about it. And initially, aI drank some juice and mineral water. Later, when my left foot swelled from the snake bite, aI stopped drinking sour drinks, and considered milk, potatoes, bananas, rice, and, in fact, some chocolate, together, also, with fat food (fishing oil, and bacon, for example), and aI felt aI needed salt. That salt may have had something to do with the spider bite, since aI cannot recall consuming much salt when aI felt aI was poisoned by food. Bottom line, though, all will agree upon, is the treatment of God. And Jesus Christ was the human being of God. Today, my left foot is considerably less swollen, after the night’s sleep. And so far, today, aI have had only weak sensations of electrical activity, so to speak, in either of my legs.

Poisoned again

Since aI am hypnotized, aI can be directed to work independent of my conscious will, and also so that aI have no knowledge of the experience afterwards.

davAi believe aI have been bitten by a snake. The photot to the left was taken Friday 26th of April. Ai believe it is not by the Scandinavian viper. Ai begun working in the forest after the swelling in the foot came, as aI recall it, and the foot does not sear. Ai believe such a bite would sear. Also, it seems like the snake has had three fangs, that is longer teeth in the front of the jaw, by which the poison is injected. Ai don’t know which snakes have.

For more than two weeks, maybe three, the foot increased in size, and aI felt it as if the devilish thing was kept at bay, without the body being much influenced. The bones felt all right, and aI could bend my toes. Yesterday, it felt as if the hold was a bit loosened, and as if the poison slowly was released to organs. Ai begin spitting bubbles, again, as aI did when aI got it aI had been poisoned by food. And the foot itched, a little. So, aI became conscious of what to eat and drink, again. Milk, potatoes, bananas, and anything fat (as fish oil). Today, the foot is obviously better.

davThis second photo, to the left, was taken today, Tuesday 30th of April. Th foot is a bit less swollen. And it itches, a bit, deep in the flesh, it feels like. Ai have got a slight headache, and it feels like a natural headache, not as the headache Satan can give you by those chips Satan can operate into your body. So, aI believe aI will get rid of that devilish thing. Thank, You, Lord. The problem, of course, is that will to harm. Ai have no knowledge of what may have happened, or when. And people, around, making such, are not nice people.