By such chips implanted in your body Satan is able to give you all kinds of phantom pains. And today, again, aI wake up to terrible torture. Last night, as every night, the latter month, or so, aI was forced to bed desperately tired, without being able to brush my teeth. Ai wonder how that is done. And one may wonder; how on earth is it possible for man to be this evil. Even if devoid of God, there should be a motive in man, to rely on, giving reaction seeing members of ones own specie suffers. Philosophers and scientists have told us such motive there is. This Satan, though, is pure evilness, devoid of any human emotion. And how this is so, is of course retardation. Those individuals are retarded, because of sin, and a sick, psychological legitimization of the badness.

When no love there is in man, man will, of course, seek what is giving strength. When no order, that is, legal authority, there is, the rational animal will seek power to protect itself, and such power is given by united work, and by technology. So, there are two possible outcomes. Man becomes pack. Or man becomes instrument, as one with the tool giving power. In either case man loses control of himself, becomes retarded as an unintelligent force, and this process may take some time, though is definite, and unavoidable. The individuals of Satan are, of course, mentally ill. They are, though, capable of fearing, aI believe, and should get it what is evil and what is not. So, mental illness is no excuse.

Anarchy and dictatorship both lead to this retarded being. Man will seek power, and either become pack, or instrument. For a while, those individuals on the top of the hierarchy may control the madness. The outcome is though given, either by military strength of another people, or by revolution. Since man is retarded, though, no peace is given by the crack. It will take a generation or two before the society comes to order, again, since dependency cannot be reversed.

That Satan has always been an idiot. And that Satan of today, by any means, is an imbecile beyond imagination. Any man taking part in the horror will of course go to Hell. And, there is no question about it. What Satan has made, or “created”, in the mouth of Satan, is so evil and so bad that man never has seen anything like it.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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