Over with it

davThis is how my feet looks like today, right now. Ai want to show you. You can see the scars of both the scorpion, on my right foot, and the snake, on my left. My left foot is considerably less swollen, and aI feel all poison now is out of my body. Ai walk heavily on the foot, and the foot, that is the left, is less swollen, and almost as the right, when aI wake up in the morning. The flesh in my left foot is broken, aI believe. Ai believe the flesh is not able, so to speak, to absorb blood. Very often the foot, and also the right, feels stiff, and cold, in a strange way, disinterested, as a matter of fact, and from time to time aI can feel pain going through it, as if the foot is raging. The itching, which was almost intolerable, aI have not experienced the latter of days. Ai have just showered, so there is less materialized blood on the scar of my left foot than it uses to be. The fact, though, the scar has not healed shows this is not an ordinary wound.

The motive of the poisonous creep is to see if you tolerate it, and if so, to make you one. Enough is enough, though, and when Jesus let me get over it, aI have no intention of being bad. Of course. That thing of the snake, and that thing of the spider, if aI really was bit, by the spider in my back, is dead, in my body, and that Satan must obey.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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