How it is today

davThis is how the foot looks right now, just past 9 o’clock in the evening, Norwegian time. As you can see, the infected area has gone downwards, and there is not plenty visibel change from yesterday. The foot is less touchy, though, in that respect it still feels stiff, in that area, as voluminous, in a way, though not scary. Special, today, is that aI ate some “Sognemorr”, in the evening, together with my beer. Ai believe that had a tremendous effect on the killing of the poison. Sogn is a place in the Western Norway, you see, in the South, and the people of Sogn are crazy people. And they have made, quite surely, a wonder medicine against stupid poison. And that is Sognemorr. It is a sausage, with sheep meat, primarily, and even if other branches are available, aI believe the original is from Sogn. Of course, it is a secret the sausage is a wonder medicine against stupid foreign poison. Daily, we eat it with “grøt”. You have no idea, aI believe, how good that invention tastes … Or, the masculine part of the population eat it together with drinking beer to impress the women. Ordnung muss sein.

Ai went to Heimdal, today, and bought some nice things. My financial reserves are rapidly decreasing. Ai am not worried, though. Ai have been oriented and motivated on surviving. And by my creations aI will get income. Anything else would be Hell.

The forest aI have cleared turns out to be a wonder by the growth, now about to be green. Today, aI cleared a new spot of disruption, already as good as isolated, and it feels fine there is not so much planting of evilness, right now. Branches, and sticks, and destruction of the created spots. Our Father has made me make a heavenly spot for children, by that forest. Legally, it is governed by the community of households to which aI belong.

Ai feel fine. Ai have begun making a tune for organ, which feels like crazy, though a bit original, so maybe it will be nice.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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