Satus quo – bite treatment – and some advertising

davToday has been a bit of a nice day. Yesterday, and this morning, the foot was very stiff. It was as if the leg was frozen, without that cold feeling, though. Lately aI have felt for beer. Ai believe beer helps me urinate, and aI believe alcohol is thinning the blood. Ai drink Dahl’s beer, which is the beer from Trondheim. There is not much difference in the beers from Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo, aI believe. Ai believe one must be quite enthusiastic to know the difference, The beer from Trondheim, though, is given a certain patriotic flavour, though. And aI believe it is spiced a little with charm. When that snake poison got a taste of it, the snake poison was shocked, set back, and killed in numbers. The spider poison, aI believe, thought it was in Heaven, and was by that easily annihilated by the blood, interrupting it. And also fresh water may cleanse the system and make you urinate, aI thought, and is also blood thinning. Ai believe that is quite an intelligent thought. So, today, aI have drunk some water, and aI have spit a lot, urinated a lot, and the foot has felt fine. The stiffness passed. The problem with my left foot is the itching, Ai scratched myself so much last night aI could not sleep, and thought aI would never be sane, again. And minutes ago it started again. During the day, though, and right now, the leg was fine.

Ai bought a honey melon and ate, today. Ai wonder if that was good for the freshness of the cells. The other day, aI also bought zinc pills. Ai just felt for it. Food supplement. In the morning, aI take a pill, together with three spoons of fish oil (aI usually take one or two) and two vitamin pills made on blueberry and aroniaberry, whatever that last berry is. Ai feel for potato chips. Potato, aI believe, and salt. And aI eat heavy dinners. That need for eggs, or mayonnaise, aI don’t have now, for one or another reason.

Ai took a trip to Tiller, today, which is the big shopping center on my side of the town, and bought myself a couple of lights of the kind looking like small light houses, and aI bought myself a raincoat. Also, aI bought a small rose to a pot on my back veranda. And, more, when aI stood up this morning, aI finished a piece of music, for string quartet, which a created yesterday. That was a bit of fun. So, the day was not that bad, circumstances considered.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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