Super human not

Kindly look up the two blog posts on called “Bites” and “The scorpion is dead“, respectively, and also the blogpost on called “Poisoned again“.

Ai believe a have been bit by a poisonous spider, also. For some time a have been having a burning sensation from a spot in my back, and today, by looking in the mirror, aI saw a red spot. Satan denied me to take a picture of it. My cell phone is taken in control.

Yesterday, a managed to get an ejaculation. By that, aI believe, the identity of all three venomous creatures disappeared, being the scorpion, the snake and the spider, from my body. A Norwegian should not know so much about venomous creatures. A bit from the Norwegian viper is not considered to be life threatening, normally, and normally, it is treated as an infection. My experience, though, from the bites aI apprehend aI have had, and also from the organic poison aI apprehend aI have been given by food, is that an identity is established in the body, by which this foreign, evil power relates, functioning as excuse. By that ejaculation of sperma, in a man’s body, that identity seems to be vanishing, and the healing of the body takes speed.

Since there were three different organic evils to relate to, the treatment God let me make was a bit complicated. Sour drinks are not the thing, treating snake bites. Poison from a scorpion, though, aI feel, will be met, by it. High sensation, so to speak. Respect, one would say, being plain about it. And initially, aI drank some juice and mineral water. Later, when my left foot swelled from the snake bite, aI stopped drinking sour drinks, and considered milk, potatoes, bananas, rice, and, in fact, some chocolate, together, also, with fat food (fishing oil, and bacon, for example), and aI felt aI needed salt. That salt may have had something to do with the spider bite, since aI cannot recall consuming much salt when aI felt aI was poisoned by food. Bottom line, though, all will agree upon, is the treatment of God. And Jesus Christ was the human being of God. Today, my left foot is considerably less swollen, after the night’s sleep. And so far, today, aI have had only weak sensations of electrical activity, so to speak, in either of my legs.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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