Poisoned again

Since aI am hypnotized, aI can be directed to work independent of my conscious will, and also so that aI have no knowledge of the experience afterwards.

davAi believe aI have been bitten by a snake. The photot to the left was taken Friday 26th of April. Ai believe it is not by the Scandinavian viper. Ai begun working in the forest after the swelling in the foot came, as aI recall it, and the foot does not sear. Ai believe such a bite would sear. Also, it seems like the snake has had three fangs, that is longer teeth in the front of the jaw, by which the poison is injected. Ai don’t know which snakes have.

For more than two weeks, maybe three, the foot increased in size, and aI felt it as if the devilish thing was kept at bay, without the body being much influenced. The bones felt all right, and aI could bend my toes. Yesterday, it felt as if the hold was a bit loosened, and as if the poison slowly was released to organs. Ai begin spitting bubbles, again, as aI did when aI got it aI had been poisoned by food. And the foot itched, a little. So, aI became conscious of what to eat and drink, again. Milk, potatoes, bananas, and anything fat (as fish oil). Today, the foot is obviously better.

davThis second photo, to the left, was taken today, Tuesday 30th of April. Th foot is a bit less swollen. And it itches, a bit, deep in the flesh, it feels like. Ai have got a slight headache, and it feels like a natural headache, not as the headache Satan can give you by those chips Satan can operate into your body. So, aI believe aI will get rid of that devilish thing. Thank, You, Lord. The problem, of course, is that will to harm. Ai have no knowledge of what may have happened, or when. And people, around, making such, are not nice people.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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