Ai have taken down Trixnix

Ai have taken down Trixnix from internet. For twenty two years aI have not heard a word of encouragement, and aI fear a lot of my creations by Satan have been sought stolen from me. People have shown themselves to be incompetent, fighting Satan, because of the number of devils, and because of the power of the organization, and because of distrust in God. Ai am not counting what will be the diplomacy, that is the hypnotized ones, and the broken ones, by God.

Google will no longer present Trixnix. Ai still love the services of Google. The work of the engineers creating the services is impressive, and the love shown is amazing.

My idea is that internet will come to be earthly bound, by wires, and culturally counted for. By being so, it is impossible to get control of the internet by affording the satellites running it. And to visit sites of other cultures will be safer, and more fun.

Some internet services of today rely on the somewhat fragmented sight, and will disappear. Other services will continue to be world wide presented, by affording services to the cultural presentations.

As of Trixnix, some sites will be put up again, presumably by the services of a domain holder, created anew. First of all aI think of the children’s pages and the site presenting Trondheim, and also Fantasifix, and the damesnames sites, in Norwegian and in English, and the World Wide Wit Want site with limericks. When that can be done, aI still do not know.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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