Music broadcast

You know, youth, my generation, and any generation before that, was thinking of songs as given, Once made, it would be unthinkable, changing the lyrics. Obviously, that has changed. The music, though, is the same, as if composing is eternal.

One can discuss that. My view, is that “Hey, Jude” by McCartney and Lennon is eternal, by both the music and by the lyrics. Opinions and perspectives may change, though, and cultures want to present themselves, and make impressions. If this thing, making temporal appearances in radio, should continue, there are two considerations to make. One is the force. If there are American influence in Norwegian radio, there should be Russian. And Chinese. And French. And Korean. And Congolese. Ai mean, what the heck. And Brazilian. Another thing, is that one gets set out if there is a power, by those voices, not to choose. One should be confident, there is not a nation trying to fix it.

For me, it is impossible to play an artist on Spotify, right now, without the American taking control, exchanging the music with “messages” from that organization, you know. And that is idiocy. It makes me focusing.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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