Ai was hospitalized

Ai have been hospitalized, for a couple of days, involuntarily, as insane, and what aI then witnessed was terrible. The rules and the building of the hospital was that of a torture chamber, and aI met women about to be cracked, and aI met women and men broken, and also hypnotized. In Norway! Ai met, though, also, men and women of high class, not subjected to mind control, and aI saw the Lord. On Facebook aI have posted some photographs showing details of the building.

Ai am talking of the most evil organized gangster rule in history. It is a shame this is taking place. As all know, one cannot be relatively by the Lord, that is, by God. One can, differently, be relatively evil, and what is taking place is so that there has been no equivalence in human history.

My immediate gratefulness to the Lord for the experience is what aI saw and took part in with other broken and hypnotized ones. It will take some time for me to digest, so to speak, what was given me.

Ai was subjected to what seemed to be a vain attempt of April the 1st joke, in the eyes of the devil, when aI was released, yesterday. Since then aI have had headache, and aI have slept a lot, not being able to do much. Ai continually reflect on the evilness and hatred aI am subjected to, though. And any being should know, of any profession, and by any means, that taking me in possession means going to Hell. Ai know what aI am, and there is absolutely no limits to the hostility aI feel against Satan, and there is absolutely no chance aI in any way will stand up for Satan, or be anything to Satan other than the one giving Satan the bill.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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