Electronic torture

Ai believe such electronic torture, giving headache and vision disturbance, to some extent, is not by radio waves. Ai believe it must be by some kind of energy, and aI believe DAB is that kind of energy. Ai believe the energy of DAB is not dangerous, since not concentrated. In a house, though, aI believe that energy can be made intense. And what God gave me, was to turn on the DAB radio, the portable one, with antenna. That distracted the energy, aI believe, thinking it worked somewhat like a magnet, even if the sound was turned to zero. Still aI had some headache, thou, and what God gave, was to turn om my electric oven, the portable one, with glowing pins in it. Ai believe that made a short circuit in the device, in the machine, giving the energy, in the surrounding it was directed to. Still, the headache came back, in waves, so to speak. And aI thought the device must have been customized with a fuse, which one could change, or switch back. What God gave me then, was to put on, or off, a lamp. Ai believe the inducing made by the radio (with antenna) and the electric oven (with the glowing pins) on the energy made a hold on. And when the energy field in the apartment by putting on or off a lamp was changed, a wave was sent back to the device, which destroyed it. My experience was that the headache immediately turned off. It came back, though, several times, which told me there must have been many devices pointing to my apartment.

The energy we speak of is not dangerous. It is weak. In a definite place, directed to it, it can be bad, though, aI believe, since the brain is quite vulnerable.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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