Chip injected

Ai believe aI had a chip injected, the other day, in my elbow. It is possible, since aI am hypnotized. And aI believe it was hidden between bones. And obviously, by it, the victim can be given headache. Whatever else, aI don’t know. Ai have had a headache, today. And aI tried a magnet. You know, of the kind you can put on the refrigerator. Ai believe there are stronger magnets. And aI don’t know if that is worth trying. And there was not any obvious electronic reaction. There was not binding, as aI saw it. There was, though, a certain tension visible in a vein of the arm. And the headache seems to be vanishing. Ai believe a magnet short circuits that chip.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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