Taking place

Ai met some pretty children, today, on my walk, who said to me we should play, when aI asked them what we should do today. My neighbourhood can be fantastic. Of course aI responded by saying that was the most tremendous idea of all times. And, that we should do. And maybe the girls have had a good time. Ai hope so. Myself, aI have been quite serious, unfortunately, having an intrusion, or two, and dealing with the problems, God given. My feeling, though, after that thing, being a specific love of mine, is that aI now am safe, in my apartment. Thank, You, Lord. And even if aI seem to be hypnotized, from time to time, as aI get it, when aI leave my apartment, the Lord gives me to cope. And the Lord, of course, is Jesus Christ. And here aI could have left my trace. And aI will not. So, aI state that aI believe all broken ones, because of the hatred of beauty, and many hypnotized ones, because of the love of life, and all men being tortured to silence, now, in fact, can rely on that thing, the Lord, that is Jesus Christ, is fed up, and answers specific commands. My God! Ai have seen You, the way You look! Many times, by many individuals! And Girls, – aI know, being that authoritative is not your deal. Please know, though, you can. Tell that Satan to go to Hell, in your mind, and that angel, who is looking at you, affording you, will make it true.

What is taking place cannot last. Whoever many together; there is life. And God, from the beginning, created some nasty beasts, and, in fact, even some nasty growth. If that is what people want, that is, if that is what people nourish, breed, and praise, that is what they get. And, aI mean, a scorpion is polite? A crocodile is not obvious? A tiger is not kind? And in my neighbourhood we have a viper. The Englishmen will smile to that, since, aI believe, it is not that different from the British viper. When meeting a rattle snake, though, in a matter of death and life? Or a cobra? In Norway? And a bear in fight with hyenas? What are they, compared to the moose? Come to your senses, people of the world. Ai’d say. And my friends, especially for you: Ai love you.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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