Ai mean – four billion

Is everything aI have believed about the human being wrong, aI ask myself. Ai was terribly bullied when aI was a child. My parents taught me to respect people, though, and aI believed there was kindness in humans. Ai believed people were sensible. Ai believed people had hearts. What aI have lived through, and what aI right now experience, is so that aI ask myself if aI have been mislead. There is no name for the evilness aI am subjected to. There is no end to the evilness aI am subjected to. And no-one cares. It seems like people are sitting watching, finding it interesting what a man can take. It seems like people find pleasure in being informed about how evil one can be. It seems like people enjoy the love of Satan. And aI am bothered. Is human kind basically evil? Should aI perceive people aI meet as matters of Satan? Prove me wrong, lissom? Should children make secret societies? Should the aim of life be to devastate an official? Pride, lissom? At least aI did that? Ai uploaded some new images to Flickr, and suddenly, aI see an old one has disappeared. Ai don’t know which. Of sixty. Is the placement of it changed? Is it deleted? It will take me effort aI am not capable of making to find out. Ai am immobilized. Interesting, it is, that this is a way to do evil? To torture an incapable man? Faith in you? You know, aI wonder if my faith in mankind has been demolished. If people should go to hell, in my eyes, and that aI am one of the happy few who got it. And then, naivety is not what makes believers.

You, yourselves, have experienced this cruelty. What shall we do? How can people be so stupid there is no hope? Let us concentrate on the children, aI’d say. And feel nothing for the grown ups. Jesus is in charge, no matter what, and there is time.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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