Hitting the floor

For quite a long time aI have been subjected to torture, sadistic and persistent, and the last week has been ill. Ai was hospitalized for a couple of days. There was, though, so much arrangement, so much fancy play, so much made for me to take stand to, and so much torture and planting of evidence in my room, aI decided to go home, where aI am familiar with the surroundings.dav Ai feel a lot of people around the world, women and men, by God have reached their destination. And aI believe aI have abandoned physical functions of my body to protect myself. And aI cannot understand it. “As long as you live, there is hope,” we say in Norway, and aI cannot understand why people want to go home when home is Hell. Ai am physically ruined. And the latter days my head has been boiled. Ai wonder how aI myself will come out of this.

Ai believe aI have work to do. Since Google+ is to be taken down, early in April, aI must find another way of fronting Trixnix, and myself. And aI must find other ways of presenting the poems of mine posted in the communities of mine on Google+. Right now aI am not capable of doing any work, however light. Ai am, though, confident aI can do it.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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