Egg and bacon

You know, youth, egg and bacon is not that bad. In fact, when you have had a bit to much alcohol, egg and bacon is it. So, when you intend to make yourself impossible, you should see to it your mom and dad have egg and bacon in the refrigerator. The bacon, you know, is a bit crispy after steak. And the girls are desperately in love with what is s’mwhat crispy. And the eggs remind us of making, in a way. And the girls love that way. So to see to it that thing is in the refrigerator is s’mwhat intelligent. Making one sleep, lissom. And whatever the Jude says, the bacon is just s’mthing to be found in the cooling disk on the supermarked. And whatever the islam people say, the bacon is in fact scientifically controlled. And what the protein and the fat does aI have no intention of getting an idea of, since aI, at that point, am just thinking of getting sober. And having girls to love me.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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