Ill it is


This is insane. To contaminate my mattress like this is insane. The spots are from two spots aI found on my bed sheet, presumably blood, presumably made by a female during sexual intercourse, of which aI have no knowledge, and which aI have pointed to in two blog posts on Blogg Prixnix, in Norwegian. Ai sprayed the spots with Chlorine added sope, and added salt to the then wet spots, and this is the result under the bed sheet. The light is an ordinary candle light, the paper is an ordinary white paper in A4 format, and the bed sheet beneath the mattress is in light blue grey colour. Ai bought the mattress anew last summer. And the darkening of it varies from place to another.

And even if it is insane, presumably given me for to create a feeling of helplessness, dirtiness, powerlessness in my surroundings, to identify with as a poor one, it is so evil it cannot escape judgement. How dare people enter my apartment without my permission. How dare people change things in my apartment. How dare people, of which aI have no knowledge, and with which aI am in no situation, attack me.



Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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