As Norwegian as it gets – No 2

,” okey !!! Ai admit it! Ai am broken. And Jesus espirites my personality (is that a word?) so that it looks for you as if aI am alive. Just to make you confused. Ai mean, aI am quite dead. And aI will think about that.

And now, aI have tried Russian Standard Vodka together with Lerum’s Blåbær saft, and the taste is astonishing. Ai mean, what more to dream of … And today aI tried that Finnish miracle called Koskenkorva Vodka together with Lerum’s Solbær Sirup, and aI am in Heaven. ,” okey, stay put in Heaven, then, maybe, aI must be. And aI just want you to know. Ai mean, obviously there are brands out there, speaking of liquor. And Norwegian lemonade? You must be a complete idiot, of that kind which has no voting right’s on the children’s day, not to try it.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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