What more to do on Trixnix

2019-01-15What more is there to do on Trixnix? Of work, aI mean?

First of all, the creation must be checked. Satan has made changes, and some destruction has been made. And that will be quite a job. Ai mean, there are thousands of poems, for example, on Trixnix, counting big and small. Secondly, Magnimix should be filled. For to do that, aI must be made aware of creations proper. Ai believe the look of everything is all right, on Trixnix, speaking of the overall impression. The comment sections of the Blogger blogs aI have not given much attention, though. And those should all be checked and made fine. By the way, there are no comments on Trixnix, anywhere, visible to me. And there might be a call for minor improvements on certain sites. For example, two small gif images were sabotaged on Small Smiley, and removed from the posts. Maybe it is possible to recover them. And more content could be added on Trixnix, of any form.

Doing something on Trixnix now seems futile, though. The situation must end, by which aI am controlled by Satan, and the creation must be secured before it is possible to do anything. Right now, Satan can do whatever Satan wishes on Trixnix, stopped only by common appeal, and whenever aI try to do something, the intensity of the torture of me increases, and the work is sabotaged. People must get rid of Satan, and make expressions of justice.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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