As Norwegian as it gets


You know, Americans, in Norway we are more sober than you. We have Vinmonopolet, which is not a kiosk, where we buy wine and liquor, and it closes in the afternoon, and so does the selling of beer in the regular stores. We are permitted to drink alcohol, though … And aI have made a discovery. You see, down in Western Norway there is a factory making lemonade. Extract. Lerum, is the name. Ai believe one elsewhere in the world believe they have good lemonade, though, Norwegian? And aI tried it together with vodka. And it is heaven. The blueberry syrup is fantastic with Smirnoff. Ai believe Smirnoff is especially sharp. And together, that drink is dry, and sweet, anyhow, tasty, and permissive. That blueberry, by the way, aI believe is made from the typical north blueberry of Europe. And yesterday, aI tried the blackcurrant syrup with Absolute vodka. And it was fantastic. Tasty, and sour, and a bit of bitter aftertaste. Ai know there is a vodka which in fact is produced in Russia. And aI look forward to try it, together with whatever, if all the tasting has not let me be an imbecile before that.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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