Reality is not nice

Right now, aI am a little bit depressed. Sad, really. It is so much, of it all, and the evilness aI face seems to be endless. It was not imaginable so many people could be so evil for so long time, and it was not imaginable national law would be put aside by consensus, and it was not imaginable the human being was such a coward. It was not imaginable a people oriented towards another people could be evil. We live in the 2000nds. Some walls aI have made around me have stumbled down, and aI am disappointed. And aI am not certain about what to think of the future. This generation is a failure, and the question is if there are many people enough to base the legal society in the future. The alternative is an order almost not commensurable with history, which is, an order by power. The beast-like character of the so called human being today is awkward.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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