Forside telefonObviously, there is something about Satan and imaging (Norwegian: billedgjøring). To Satan, to make an appearance is to play a role and to give an impression, and symbols, to Satan, obviously have power. It is as if symbols get power from what they express, to Satan. So, to Satan, to use a cross is to show one has the power of Christ. It is insane, though, this is how it is. It is like with those old African medicine doctors and masks.

We can be conscious of the fact, and use symbols instrumentally. Who wants, though. Satan will think he is determined to test the power. Satan is a package if idiocy. What aI believe will be protecting, though, is the cross, in normal situations. Christ will keep an eye of the use of the cross. And aI have myself now put crosses on both the entrances to my apartment, and, as you see by the picture, on my mobile phone. Ai used a screenshot as a measurement to get the proportions right.

Ai have had crosses on every single site of Trixnix, and aI have made crosses on my computer, and aI have had a cross as my necklace, aI have had crosses on my jackets, and Satan has not given a damned. What Jesus feels about that, one can only speculate about. There should be power in the cross – in the holy spirit.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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