Nicotine and coffee

Ai have smoked for almost all my life, and for many years, aI have drunk much coffee. And the reason why, is of course that aI feel for that to do. And making reasons for it, aI believe that both nicotine and coffee have effects on the brain.

Ai believe one is enlightened by cigarette smoking. Not in the way of being illuminated, of course. More like being relieved. Ai believe nicotine in a way triggers the activity in the brain, by opening nerve cells giving signals. If this is true, one will see it in a brain scan, aI believe.

And aI believe coffee makes one bitter, as coffee itself is bitter, and that coffee, in the brain, nurtures that feeling affording that sentence “damned!”. In Norwegian we would say, “bli forbannet”. Ai have no knowledge about it, and even so aI believe that coffee motivates organs to gather up.

I know, of course, cigarette smoking and coffee is not good for the health of a being, and the look of a being will of course alter by cigarette smoking and coffee drinking over many years.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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