Removing dirt from the inner of the skin

Ai believe in sun screen, in that respect, in other words in sun protection cream. Ai have a big lump beside my nose, a hard swelling, and aI don’t know where it comes from. What is coming out of it now, when aI press it hard, is white, as if from a blister, and even so the consistence of it is not quite the same as that, and there is no blood or water coming out with it, even if an amount is coming out. Initially, months ago, aI tried to open the lump with a needle, with no success. Today, the content comes out from that hole in the skin. Ai am, or have been, hypnotized.

What God gave me, was to buy sun protection cream, and for no reason, aI bought a lipstick. Occasionally aI have put it richly on the lump, and after five or ten or even more minutes, aI have washed it away with Zalo, which is a Norwegian brand mild soap for cleaning dishes by hand. It is not soap to be used in dishwasher (machine). Do not use that on your skin. You know. Now, after two months, or so, it begins to show effect, and aI believe aI should have been more enthusiastic about it. The swelling around the lump quickly was smaller by the treatment. And today that white substance of the lump comes out when aI squeeze it. In portions, with a day, or twelve hours between each try. To me, it seems like the sun protection cream forces what is on the inside of the skin to come out. And aI reason, that this is how the sun protection is made. And maybe, also, it seems to me, in the flesh, that substance of the lump is made to integrate with the flesh. That is stupid to say, of course, since dead material cannot integrate. You know, though, what aI mean.

If so, that which comes out from the inner of the skin, thinking of sun protection, will not constitute a sun shield when it is where it originally is, on the inside. It only makes a shield in reaction with the cream and air, being on the outside. And when washed away, the pores open.