Coughing from cigarette smoking

Ai smoke cigarettes. Too many a day, aI smoke. And some time ago, aI started coughing. Ai got it aI should try to find a remedy, and God gave me to start the day with vitamin pills called “Blåbær” (blueberry) from Biopharma, produced in Norway. Maybe even the blueberries referred to are Nordic. And that helped – a lot. Even so, from time to time the coughing comes back, and that is always when aI am weak, as from distress, or from drinking alcohol the day before. And God gave me to take a glass of milk, and/or to eat a banana. And that really helps a lot. The production of mucus becomes considerably less severe, and the mucus is considerably less distressing. We all know cigarette smoking is not good for the health. It is my feeling, though, that even if the lunges are dirty, what makes us cough is a weakness of the blood.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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