Treatment of tooth torture

Those things in my teeth give pain when activated in a certain way. It is not organic influence, so food or drink cannot stop it. To go along with my prayers, the Lord let me rinse the pain giving tooth thoroughly and persistently with mouth cleaning liquid containing fluorine. Immediately, the work of the fluorine is that the tooth is cooled down and the pain weakens. And the Lord let me know that when aI do, aI create a shield by the treated enamel. It works.

Later attention (written 6/6 – 2018 at 07.41):
Ai now rinse my teeth with salty water after the rinsing with fluoride (a decent amount of cooking salt in a glass). Really, aI don’t know what that is good for. What aI think, though, is that fluoride binds itself to organic salt, without reacting with it to create a new substance. Ai know in some countries they attend fluoride to salt, not to drinking water, for the sake of public health care. And if so, the salt will penetrate the tooth and stay. My experience is that the shield gets stronger.

Added 3/8 -2018 at 08.20 :
That shield is not effective. Ai get head ache, and tooth ache, and aI believe my vision is read. My impression, though, is that the signals to the teeth are weakened.

Thank you! Be clear and concise. By that, there is no way of getting you.

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