You know, children, one thing which hits me, when aI walk around in the forest aI have cleaned and cleared, is that if there is an entrance, coming from the outside, one get expectations, walking through it. It is like the forest says, “here we come,” right. And the more vivid and good looking the entrance is, the more powerful are those expectations. We are not speaking of a gate, with portal and stuff like that, in the walls of a castle. We are not speaking of the gate to a flight, either, or to pass the ticket control going to circus. In the forest there are eighth, aI think, entrances from the houses, and a couple from above, from the valley. And even the roe deer passes through the entrance made. See here. If you ask me if aI thought of that, making those entrances, aI would say, no, though unconsciously mind is most often working. And, Jesus said (Matthew 7:13-14):

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

The entrance by the stones


You know, children, when you say “it is light,” one has to think of the light also. Differently, in Norwegian we say “lett” for “light being”, which also is “easy”, and we say “lys” for “the light”. When we think it seems to be “lett”, there, in the distance, where it seems to be light, it means it seems to be open, and easy to get around in. And that is how different cultures can be. Light (lys) to a Norwegian always comes from a source.

Those spray fence portions

[ Please see below the photo. ] Vacci 1


Besides these, there are three on the top of the track. There was contamination, and trash for the sack. And, when clearing a forest, a job must be done. And, when finished with doing it, future is won.

And, when poetry is what you will know to do, there is work to consider, it challenging you. And, when finally there, seeing, now it is clear, you have won to prevail, and towards you is dear.

(There are five spray fence portions in the image. Vacci 9 )

Joy to the world – Christmas !

God bless your holiday, children! Let the photograph below be my Christmas card to the world. It is taken in the forest of mine. And under it, you’ll find music.


You know, the other day aI listened to that lovely thing “I wish you a merry Christmas” in one of the great stores, in my home town. And, gosh, aI thought. Ai will make a Norwegian greeting. And the text aI made cannot be in English, right. Ai mean, “I wish you a merry Christmas” is not in Norwegian …

Ai am not informed about who is playing. They are wonderful, aI think.

Merry Christmas!

Scandinavia right now

You must agree this looks like being a bit cosy? This is Scandinavia in the middle of December. Notice how little light, there is. And that wonderful snow. Ai learned the other day, in Dubai there is a tremendous flower garden which is open only wintertime. Summertime it is to dry … Indeed, we have different notions of weather and nature.

That timber put along the fence aI made for to warn people and animals there is wire, here, which is not good. This kind of barrier, without the wire, in old times was usual, and was what fence originally was.


Snowing down

In Norway, you know, there is this expression “snowing down”. Strange, perhaps, to foreigners, though, one is used to the snow, which may come in amounts wintertime. And it covers everything, right. So, if a person is lost, so to speak, he has “snowed down”. Crazy, in a way, though cosy, since playing in the snow, and making caves in the snow is cosy. And one just has to wait for the spring, right, to see if he turns up, again.

This stone would not snow down. It is Dovregubben, which is the fairy tale father, of Norway.